Selezione di Pietre naturali

Selection of natural stones

The entire staff of CERESER applies strict criteria in their quest for ultimate quality during the selection of the most valuable marble, granite, slate, onyx and travertine, from the best quarries around the world.

The inspection phase at the quarry allows the purchasing managers, assisted by specialised technicians, to select only first choice natural stones and to test and acquire only those blocks that pass the strict quality control, to be then sent to the company and processed.

Magazzino Cereser1


Starting from the selection of raw materials, the goal of CERESER is to ensure and satisfy the requirements of the end customer who asks for slabs with precise dimensions for custom projects.

Lavorazione di Pietre naturali


CERESER ensures accuracy and punctual deliveries worldwide, even for small orders, with effective logistics in organisation and delivery of orders, using programmed and optimised paths.

Consegna di Pietre naturali Cereser Marmi

Las Web

The innovative system that tracks each CERESER block or slab: Lasweb consents to know the availability information of stock and tracking of orders in real time. Would you like to try? Sign in with your credentials or register now.



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