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Processing natural stones

In their quest for absolute quality, the entire staff of CERESER applies strict criteria during the selection of marble, granite, slate, onyx and travertine, from the best quarries around the world.

The goal of CERESER is to ensure and satisfy the requirements of the end customer who requires a supply of slabs with precise dimensions for custom projects, starting with the selection of precise raw materials.

CERESER is able to provide uniform thicknesses and total absence of imperfections in processed and finished natural stone products with the acquisition of up to date machinery. This result is very important especially for the stone worker who must create kitchen countertops, flooring and other products that require precise characteristics.

The new microwave resin system makes a brighter shine. It creates a completely closed surface with a better quality resin coating because, when the resin is heated by the microwaves it gets very hot and liquid and penetrates better into the cracks. Through the hardening process of the resin, called catalysis, the slabs of natural stone become more compact and resistant.

A new polisher model BRETON KG 4000 raises the quality of final polishing: the result is shinier; and with the “scanner” technology each slab can be photographed and entered directly into Lasweb, thus keeping the catalogue of available materials always visually updated.

The operations are:

Since 2013 the company also offers the following new finishes: 




CERESER staff applies strict criteria for the selection of the most valuable marble, granite, slate, onyx and travertine from the best quarries around the world in their quest for absolute quality.

La sede di Cereser Marmi


CERESER ensures accuracy and punctual deliveries worldwide, even for small orders, with effective logistics in organisation and delivery of orders, using programmed and optimised paths.

Consegna di Pietre naturali Cereser Marmi

Las Web

The innovative system that tracks each CERESER block or slab: Lasweb consents to know the availability information of stock and tracking of orders in real time. Would you like to try? Sign in with your credentials or register now.



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